The Management Information facility can be used to collect details such as Purchase Order numbers, cost centres, travellers' names and reasons for travel etc.

This should allow you to track your company's train travel spend more effectively and assign costs to the right department.

Your account administrator can set up your customised Management Information requirements by following these easy steps:

  1. Log into thetrainline Business website
  2. Click on Account Tools
  3. Click on Management Questions
  4. Click on Start Adding Questions

From here you can: 

  • Create up to 15 Management Information questions and decide whether you would like each question to be mandatory or not for the user. Please note that if you have a Diners Credit Account, answers to the first 2 Management Information questions will appear on your statement to help you reconcile expenditure.
  • Specify when the question is to be asked i.e. to be asked when the employee makes a booking or when they registers for the first time. If the question is asked when the employee makes a booking it will appear before the Payment page.
  • Specify answers to the Management Information questions; choosing from a free entry text box, a drop down list with answers, or a text box with validation. Answers can be entered manually or uploaded as a file.

For information on how to use the Travel Policy functionality, .