This applies to all trainline for business accounts who have either signed for an account since August 2016 or had their account recently upgraded to a new dashboard.

Administrators can now add some basic MI such as Job numbers, project codes or cost centre. This simplifies the way you manage all your rail spend using just one cost centre field saving you both time and money.

To set this up, first click Cost Centre in the left-hand menu of the Dashboard.


If this is the first time, you have accessed this page, it will be blank apart from an introductory statement.

To set up a Cost Centre, click the purple button which states Add cost centre.



The simplicity of the Cost Centre option is you can add anything you like; it is a free text field and if you separate each by a comma you can create as many cost centres as you like..

In the example, we give you on the page, there are three numbers each separated by a comma so this would create three options - 12345, 67890 and 54321.


You could use text such as department names (Operations, Finance, HR, Management) and again if you separate with commas, they will be listed as different options. Once you have added your Cost Centres, click Add cost centres.

Remember that you can easily add more cost centres later.

The outcome of this is that every time a booking is made on your Trainline for Business account, the booker will asked to select a Cost Centre and will not be able to complete the booking until an option is selected leaving you being able to account for your company's travel spend.