This applies to all trainline for business accounts who have either signed for an account since August 2016 or had their account recently upgraded to a new dashboard.

Administrators can download a statement of bookings from the Dashboard. This is especially useful when searching for that mysterious bookings deducted from your company accounts. To make it easier for you, there are several different search parameters that you can use to download the statement.

To access the MI section, select Journeys on the left-hand tab of the Dashboard.


The Journeys screen is defaulted to the Upcoming Journeys tab but there is also a Past tab which shows all the bookings for journeys in the past.

If you are a business with a small amount of bookings then you will probably find it easy to click between the two tabs - Past and Upcoming, but depending on the amount of bookings you have, you may want to use a couple of the search parameters in the top right-hand corner of the page.



Clicking the magnifying glass allows you to enter the collection reference if you know it already.

There is also a data parameter so you can narrow down the search fields. It is defaulted to the last 6 months but you can easily adjust it by clicking on either date which brings up an interactive calendar and you can select each date for the start and end of your required parameter. This is especially useful if you know when the booking was made but remember the date parameters look for the journey date and not the date the booking was made.

The other option here is to download a monthly statement via a CSV file. You can download a list of all bookings made in a calendar month. It must be a complete month meaning you will not be able to download the current month. To download a monthly statement select the purple Download statement option.


This will open another page in which you can select the specified month from a drop-down list. Click Download and it will automatically download a CSV file into your Download folder on your computer.

The CSV file will give you all the necessary data such as cost, booker and travellers along with any MI you have set up such as Cost Centres.