If you've missed your train because you overslept, bumped into an old friend and got caught up reminiscing about old times, or any other reason out of the Train Operating Companies (TOC)/ Carrier’s control you'll have to check your type of ticket to see what you can do.

Go to my bookings to check the terms of your ticket.

You will require an account to make online changes, to create an account simply click on the 'Register to manage my booking' button in your confirmation email.

If the train you are on is delayed and you’re worried about missing your connection, please check for information on the region you are travelling below.

Travelling in the UK

If you miss your next train because a previous connecting train service was delayed, you will be able to travel on the next train service provided by the TOC (as long as the entire journey is booked under 1 ticket). Speak to a member of staff on the delayed train or at the next station and they can help you get your journey back on track.

Travelling in mainland Europe

If you're worried you're going to miss your next train due to a delay, the best option is to speak to the staff on the train, they'll advise you what you should do.

Connecting to the same Carrier

If your connecting train is with the same Carrier as the delayed train you will be able to travel on the next available train to your destination. Speak to the train staff to find out if you can board the next train with your existing ticket, they may advise you to go to the ticket office at the next station to exchange you ticket for a new one, free of charge.

Connecting to a different Carrier

If you are traveling with one of the following carriers.

  • SNCF (on TGV trains in France and to Germany, Spain, Italy and Belgium)
  • Deutsche Bahn (on ICE trains in Germany)
  • Eurostar
  • Thalys (connections between France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands)
  • Lyria (connections between France and Switzerland)

AND you're departing from one of the following stations

FranceFrance & BelgiumGermany

Paris Gare du Nord

Lille Europe Station

Frankfurt Main Station

Paris Gare de l’Est

Lyon Part Dieu

Cologne Main Station

Paris Gare de Lyon



Paris Montparnasse

Brussels Midi-Zuid


You can board the next available train using your existing ticket.

Other carriers and stations

If your journey is not covered in the information above, you may not be covered for your onward travel. Go to my bookings to check the flexibility of your ticket and speak to the staff on the train at the station to discuss for your best option. For information on compensation for delay trains, please see My train was delayed. Can I claim compensation?