A user with Booker status is able to book tickets on behalf of other travellers as well as themselves.

  1. Log-in to your Business Account at www.thetrainline.com/business
  2. Search for a journey and select a ticket to purchase
  3. On the Travel Options page, check the button next to Someone else under the header "Who is Travelling?"
  4. Type in the surname of the passenger you would like to book tickets for in the box next to Name of lead passenger and click Search
  5. If the traveller is already registered against the account, select them from the list of passengers displayed. If the traveller is not registered against the account, perform a search for their surname and you will be given the option to register them by clicking on Register a new traveller
  6. Once the passenger's details are entered, continue with the booking
  7. The booker and the traveller will receive a copy of the booking confirmation email, you have the option to request an additional confirmation email to another recipient on the Payment Details page